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Traditional-long standing

Traditional-long standing
A collection of traditional khukuris that originated long time ago in various places of Nepal objected for various function and result. These khukuri knives have been pretty much the same when it was first forged back then. The shape, size or features remain same as the original expect for few alterations in few knives in later years. These khukuri knives are very famous in Nepal and widely used by villagers, farmers, herdsmen and inhabitants etc to perform their daily choir, and to go just about their rural lives.
The kukri has got the shape similar to the traditional knife "Dau" use by butcher to cut meat in Nepal so the knife is named as "Butcher " kukri.12" blade is made by the continue folding beating process and pouring balance water temper on the edge so the blade is very strong.5" handle is made of ver..
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The Black Farmer or Village Khukuri (Kukri) is most commonly used any farm in the countryside of Nepal. As a woodcutting and general purpose tool, and is a very common agricultural and household implement in Nepal. Its use has varied from building, clearing, chopping firewood, dividing perennials, s..
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